3 Signs that Your Boiler Needs Servicing Right Away

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Written by Adrian

In the midst of the frigid months and colder days, you can always count on boilers to keep you and your household warm and comfortable. They can easily heat up your home and provide you with comfortable, hot showers. However, there are also cold days ahead for your boiler, especially if you have not been maintaining it properly or it’s not running as smoothly as it used to. 

Even reliable boilers crack under pressure. This is due to the fact that you can easily forget servicing your boiler. It may come as an unnecessary expense to you, but an unserviced boiler can further damage your home and even lead to serious accidents. 

If you wish to avoid any boiler-related home accidents and waste loads of quid, you need to look into the common issues that affect your boiler. Here is a list of boiler-related problems that indicate when it’s time to get it quickly serviced. 

1. Your boiler is not producing enough heat

This may be a recurring issue in your household that you are now just realizing needs immediate attention. If you find your home not being warmed evenly, a part of your heating system may be disconnected to the boiler. It may also mean the boiler itself is not producing enough heat in the first place. 

Getting the assistance of a boiler service for this issue needs to happen right away. This is because the expense of using the boiler also increases. All those extra fuel costs can go to waste, as you may constantly have to turn up the heat. Your boiler will then consume more energy as a result, which can lead to an unpleasant surprise when you receive the monthly bill. 

There are several solutions that your boiler service can look into. First, the machine may just need a good internal cleaning or certain parts, like the spark electrode, may need replacing. 

2. Your boiler suddenly turns off

Your boiler may also come to the point that it suddenly shuts off on its own. The machine may initially start running, and then you get shocked when it turns off for no reason. Some boilers don’t even start at all even when switched on. This is often the case for boilers that have not been serviced for a long time. It may also mean the boiler is well beyond its expected lifespan or warranty. 

In these situations, two types of boiler service solutions that may be recommended: major replacement of the parts of the boiler or replacing the whole system altogether. Replacing the crucial parts, such as the heat exchanger or the burner, may also be a viable solution. 

There are also instances when the boiler service strongly recommends replacing the boiler, especially if it’s beyond repair. This is something that needs their professional recommendation to avoid inadvertently throwing out a repairable boiler. 

3. Your household smells of gas

While the previous two issues may be ignored, this particular boiler issue requires immediate attention. This is because of the danger that it can bring to any household. 

Whether the system is switched on or off, you may smell gas or carbon monoxide wafting in your household. This is a serious problem because this gas is toxic. Apparently, this is a common occurrence in homes with boilers. Each year, there are 50 deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Don’t risk using your boiler if you sense a gas leak in your household. Call your boiler service right away, and don’t turn it on until it’s repaired. As an added safety measure, you may want your boiler service to perform a routinary gas tightness test. This test checks your boiler for gas leaks and helps identify where they are. This will protect your home from the contamination of carbon monoxide and keep your family safe. 


A boiler may be convenient to use, but it can also be a potential hazard. This is especially true if it has not been serviced for a long time. To avoid boiler-related issues and accidents in the home, get your boiler checked so you can safely and efficiently use it. 

Are you in need of high-quality boiler service in Dartford? We are highly capable of servicing your plumbing and heating needs. Give us a call and find effective solutions to your boiler-related issues. 

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