3 Reasons You Should NOT DIY Your Plumbing Repairs

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Written by Adrian

In recent years, the British DIY scene has gained quite a large following as more and more homeowners realise that there are certain tasks and problems that they can settle on their own.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, tutorial videos, and DIY kits, it’s easy to see exactly why many are putting their hands, eyes, and minds to good use. From simple shelving jobs to landscaping work, nearly anything that can be handled with simple shed tools and basic working knowledge is being dealt with.

Now, while we may be advocates of the fact that anyone can do anything if they’re persistent enough, there’s one home improvement job that should only be left to the professionals: plumbing.

Thinking of working on your pipes? Here’s why you should hold back on that thought

Admittedly, many have been seeking to handle their plumbing and pipes themselves because of how much money doing so supposedly saves. Unlike most self-performed home improvement projects, however, DIY plumbing involves underlying intricacies and details that make it easy to rack up hundreds to thousands of pounds in damages.

Beyond general advice, there are a few more vital reasons you should forego DIY-ing your home’s plumbing and let a professional plumber—such as Adrian Plumbing & Heating—handle it instead:

Reason #1: DIY plumbing costs more than hiring an expert to handle the problem

No matter how much you try to defend the possibility of handling your plumbing because it “saves money,” the truth is that you’re bound to spend more as opposed to hiring an expert.

Proper and error-free plumbing, as a whole, is something that greatly depends on two factors: top-notch expertise and having the right tools—both of which you probably don’t have. With the help of an expert plumber, you’ll ultimately spend less to fix or prevent an underlying problem and save a whole lot more pride, money, and time instead of dealing with more problems!

Reason #2: Expert plumbers are trained for a reason

Imagine this: you have a life-threatening lump or tumour that needs to be surgically removed—and chances are that you aren’t doing the surgery yourself, right? Well, the same goes for plumbing. 

If you’re looking for more reasons to assure yourself that your pipes are best left in the hands of professionals, the fact that the professionals who are qualified to fix them need years of training is more than enough. Instead of putting your health and safety at risk by taking on intricate problems without the necessary skills, it’s much smarter to let an expert plumber take on the job. 

Reason #3: You’re bound to break a whole lot of things

Although they’re buried underground for decades and are made to carry all the water-related needs of an entire household, the truth about your plumbing is that it’s far more fragile than you’d like to believe. 

You see, the components of your plumbing system are so brittle to the point that even a single exaggerated jerk, a loosely-tightened nut, or too much pressure can easily lead to disastrous results. If you don’t want to have a flooded house or broken pipes, then read the following words aloud and follow them with all your heart:



No matter how inviting the thought of saving a whole lot of money by doing your own plumbing may be, it’s best to avoid such a potentially grave mistake by calling in the services of professionals instead. Unlike the disastrous experience that you can have when jury-rigging your pipe repairs, letting an expert handle your home’s needs is much safer, convenient, and cost-friendly!

When it comes to top-notch plumbing and heating services, Adrian’s Plumbing & Heating has got you covered for all of your needs. If you’re after a quality experience outlined by consistent delivery of quality expert services worth every penny and pound, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

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